Market and Financial Analysis

Value Research Group has been the market leader in the preparation of market and feasibility studies for housing and redevelopment in the NJ and NY metropolitan areas. Our approach is to analyze the overall market area. Our approach is to analyze…


Valuation Services

Value Research Group appraises all types of properties for a wide variety of purposes. We maintain the detailed files on thousands of sales and leases and have extensive computer and field contacts to obtain the latest information…


Litigation Support

Leading law firms, various governmental agencies and individual clients rely on the professional services of VRG when real estate matters are in litigation. Real estate issues in dispute are often contentious and the stakes can be very high…


Affordable Housing Market Analysis and Valuation

Value Research Group, LLC is nationally recognized firm for its expertise in market analysis of affordable housing properties. Richard Polton has written extensively for the Appraisal Institute and other professional journals on the issue and is considered…


Redevelopment Consulting and Project Management

One of the critical issues facing the people of our region is how we can modify patterns of development and growth. State and local governments have recognized that our older communities have unmet potential and must be redeveloped to accommodate regional growth…


Real Estate Acquisition and Project Management

VRG has capable of more than advising and appraising. We are capable of providing project management services for complex projects and developments that require strong management and interdisciplinary skills. Paul Beisser leads this area of the practice…


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