Affordable Housing Market Analysis in NJ

Value Research Group, LLC is nationally recognized firm for its expertise in market analysis of affordable housing properties. Richard Polton has written extensively for the Appraisal Institute and other professional journals on the issue and is considered a national leader in the area of affordable housing market analysis. Robin Weiss is extremely knowledgeable and active in the area of affordable housing market analysis and housing demographics.

National Affordable Housing and Public Housing Market Analysis

Although the bulk of the affordable housing market studies are in NJ, NY and PA, VRG maintains a national practice in providing an analysis of markets and marketability of affordable and public housing. We have worked for a number of major public housing agencies. We recognize the special characteristics of public housing and consider “multiple bottom lines” in our analysis. Public housing is often a significant and underutilized public asset that has a history and significance that goes beyond typical real estate issues. Our analysis, grounded in good real estate and planning practice, considers public housing from the perspective of the operating agency, the local residents and the larger community. We strive to identify legacy issues and market opportunities that address the concerns of all of the parties. We have conducted complex analysis of public housing developments in cities such as Newark, NJ, Richmond, VA, Nashville, TN., Bristol, VA., Youngstown, OH, and Lorain County, OH.

Affordable Housing Market Analysts Near You

VRG is a founding member of the National Council of Affordable Housing Market Analysts and the firm is dedicated to raising the standards of housing market analysis nationwide. Richard Polton and Robin Weiss serve on several committees. Value Research Group is committed to conducting thorough research and meaningful analysis and to providing sound advice in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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