Feasibility Analysis in NJ

At VRG, we are the market leader in the preparation of market and feasibility studies for housing and redevelopment in the NJ and NY metropolitan areas. We analyze the overall market area, take in to account employment and demographic trends, thoroughly examine supply and demand issues, and provide recommendations and a marketability analysis for specific developments.


Feasibility Studies in NJ

A feasibility study is a systematic study used to understand whether or not a project or venture is achievable. The outcome of the study will tell you whether you should or should not move forward with a particular housing project. The keys to any successful feasibility analysis usually requires us to perform primary and secondary research, to better understand if customers will buy, or if investors will invest. The project or venture must be adequately defined so that a specific hypothesis can be tested. Typical factors that ensure a project is feasible and can move forward include financing, development cost, projected revenue and operating expenses, capture rates, market demand, competitive properties, time and space constraints, and more.

Why conduct this type of study? Feasibility studies are the foundation of any major investment. Whether the findings of your business venture are positive or negative, the study can help you and fellow managers understand what aspects of the housing or redevelopment project are of greatest importance for it to succeed. Positive findings should provide you with useful insights and benchmarks for the project as it moves forward. Negative findings may also uncover unknown marketing opportunities that can help set the stage for another successful project.


Market Feasibility Studies in NJ

One of our strengths is market feasibility. We research and analyze market factors such as demographics, demand, market capacity, competition, regulation and long-term trends. We can help you complete and size housing or redevelopment project in the NJ and NY metropolitan area. If you’re looking for a company to do a feasibility study and market analysis for your new project, please contact us today to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!