Zoning Regulations and Restrictions

Land use and zoning involves regulating the use and development of real estate. Municipalities control the development of property within their borders using zoning regulations and restrictions. Zoning regulations, and the development limitations they impose, can have a dramatic affect on a proposed development’s market value. At Value Research Group, we analyze planning and zoning issues to help you maximize your project’s financial returns while satisfying municipal land use standards.


Zoning Regulations

Zoning specifies the areas in which residential, industrial, recreational or commercial activities take place.  Zoning regulations also come with many additional requirements and restrictions, including specific requirements as to the size, type and height of buildings allowed, restrictions on accessory buildings, location of buildings and maximum land coverage. Restrictions may also include the number of buildings on a lot, off-street parking, and front, rear and side yards. In some cases, regulations may dictate the amount of open space a developer is required to set aside for public use.


Zoning and Planning Analysis in NJ

As a part of our market and financial analysis, VRG will analyze planning and zoning issues to help you determine a proposed project’s level of conformance with existing zoning laws. We’ll analyze what type of structures may be built on the land, reconstruction and remodeling restrictions, land use and property use, compliance status of parking spaces and compliance status of the property’s existing use. Our professional staff has experience researching and determining the zoning requirements for your property.

Our professional team of real estate consultants is up-to-date in the changes of local, county, state and federal laws that may affect your project’s economic viability. By analyzing these zoning issues, we can mitigate these problems for you by determining which aspects of the development will require an adjustment and to ensure that your property is compliant with the current zoning laws. We’ll also provide a precise report highlighting property use, improvements and their compliance with respect to zoning rules, potential variances, as well as the capability of rebuilding the property. If you’re looking for a zoning analysis for your real estate development, do not hesitate to contact us today for our services.