Real Estate Acquisition and Project Management in NJ

Real Estate Project Management Services in Livingston, NJ

VRG is capable of more than advising and appraising. We are capable of providing project management services for complex projects and developments that require strong management and interdisciplinary skills. Paul Beisser leads this area of the practice.

As an example, VRG was engaged by the NJ Turnpike Authority to serve as Real Estate Manager for one of the most important, costly and complex public improvement projects in the history of the State of New Jersey. The widening of the Turnpike, one of the most important highways in the world, from Exit 6 to Exit 9 required acquisition of hundreds of properties, coordination with numerous agencies and strong communication with property owners. The project was successfully completed in 2014. Paul Beisser continues to serve as the role of Real Estate Manager for the NJ Turnpike Authority, coordinating many of the aspects of the acquisitions, relocations and negotiations and is a member of the coordinating team for many projects. This experience is invaluable in bringing a complicated plan toward ultimate construction.

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