As part of our valuation services at Value Research Group, we can improve your operating margins through more effective administration and management of your real estate portfolio. Our team will perform a comprehensive review of your leased and owned real estate locations. We’ll review your property’s performance to let you know how your real estate is doing. If we find that your property is not performing the way you intended it to, we can work with you to either optimize the property’s performance or reposition you in the market.


Portfolio Review in Livingston, NJ

Our portfolio review will consist of a quality written report derived from both our own original research and outside resources. In the review we’ll include our results and recommendations from our extensive research. In order to accurately review your real estate portfolio, we take the following thorough steps.

1. Review Your Firm’s Real Estate Management

Our professional staff will look into how your portfolio of properties are administered and managed, and identify what type of database holds your real estate portfolio information. We’ll also review any new real estate projects that were launched, how changes to your portfolio are tracked and measured over time, and what key performance indicators (KPI’s) are being used.

2. Categorize Real Estate Information in a Central Database Management System

We’ll take the initiative to outline your lease documents in a more consistent manner, including lease terms, options, payments and critical dates. We also create reports based on space, costs, options, expiration dates, increases, lease type and reimbursement methods. While classifying your real estate information in the database system, we’ll identify any future liabilities or risks as well.

3. Benchmark Analysis

A benchmark analysis involves evaluating the pay rate of your real estate, which includes the contract lease rent, accumulated operating expenses and utility costs. We’ll analyze how each of your location’s rent and operating expense bills compare to the current market.

4. Review Business Objectives and Initiatives

Part of the portfolio review involves identifying core and non-core locations that impact your facility requirements. We’ll identify consolidation, expansion and contraction opportunities, as well as review business acquisitions and planned dispositions. This also involves a performance review of your KPI’s against your industry peer group information.

5. Evaluate Space Efficiency and Utilization

Evaluating your space efficiency involves reviewing the headcount and capacity information for each real estate property. We’ll measure the headcount per square foot vs. industry standards, develop space improvement strategies and explain the financial and strategic impact of each of your projects.


Real Estate Portfolio Summary in Livingston, NJ

After going through all of the steps involved to complete your portfolio review, we’ll provide you with a summarized report of your real estate portfolio information and recommendations for improvement. Our goal is to provide you with most straightforward and professional service. If you are in need of a portfolio review for your real estate holdings, contact us today for our exceptional services.